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  • In addition to many applications and standards, AAMVA has software products that can help you to communicate with organizations over AAMVAnet™. AAMVAnet is a telecommunication network that enables government agencies and private sector businesses to share information and data securely.

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    The AAMVA Message Interchange Envelope Batch product (AMIE/ba) supports message translation for primarily non-DMV users of the AAMVA telecommunication network (AAMVAnet™). 

    This product is suited to organizations who use a batch network service and participate in only one AAMVA application. 



    The Unified Network Interface (UNI) product resides on a site's host and fills an “interface” role between your application system and AAMVAnet™. 



    AMIE/ba targets mainly non-DMV AAMVA application users who use a batch network service and typically participate in only one AAMVA application. The primary function of the AMIE/ba product is to translate AAMVAnet Message Interchange Envelope (AMIE) messages into a "flat file" (Call List) format, which is easy to use by an application. AMIE/ba can also translate from the flat file format to the network AMIE format.

    The interface to AMIE/ba consists of the following:

    • Outbound and Inbound Call List Files
    • Outbound and Inbound Network Message Files

    Call List Files

    The Call List file is the interface to your organization's AAMVA-compliant application. For Outbound processing, your application creates a Call List file. This file is passed to the AMIE/ba product, which translates it into a Network Message file consistent with the AAMVA network environment. For Inbound processing, a Network Message file is translated by AMIE/ba into a Call List file, which is in turn read by your organization's application.

    The format of the Call List file is dependent on the AAMVA application being used. Call List formats are described with COBOL PICTURE clauses which are provided as part of the AMIE/ba product. For C or C++ applications, C header files can be provided by AAMVA.

    Network Message Files

    The Network Message file contains AMIE-formatted messages, which are the translated Call List messages. The Call List format is expected by the AMIE/ba Inbound Process and the Unified Network Interface (UNI) for inbound messages.

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    The UNI product resides on a site's host and fills an "interface" role between your organization's application system and the AAMVA telecommunication network (AAMVAnet). UNI's network interface and application interface functionality translates messages to and from your partner organizations so that you can focus on your core business logic and your applications. 

    The basic environment of site application systems, trading partners, and the network that interconnects them is illustrated in the figure below. 

    UNI graphic


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    The AAMVA rate schedules contain fees for the most common types of services and products used by AAMVA customers.

    All rates are effective through September 30th and are subject to change thereafter with 30-days prior written notice.

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