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  • AAMVA Announces New Learning Management System 

    In addition to the current trainings offered (via Intevista), starting September 1, 2020, AAMVA will also be offering on-demand training for select courses through our new, web-based Learning Management System (LMS).

    To access the LMS, please login to AAMVA's Web site, go to your ' My AAMVA' page, and click on ‘AAMVA IT Training Portal.'

    AAMVA has a pre-recorded webinar on how to use the new LMS (including a demo of the LMS). ( Access the Webinar archive here.)

    If you have problems accessing the LMS, or if you have any questions, please contact us at LMSTrainer@aamva.org

    AAMVA Online Systems Training aims to develop education, training and learning opportunities that meet the needs of AAMVA's membership in the use of all the systems and procedures to ensure commercial driver safety and compliance with Federal regulations. Our programs are learner-centered, interactive, and are free to AAMVA members.

    AAMVA’s virtual classroom is located at http://aamva.intevista.com and is powered by Adobe Connect. Before you can enter the site, you must:

    • Register with a username and password. (Note: We recommend that you use your Aamva.org user ID (usually your email address) and password so you can easily remember your portal login) 

    After you register, feel free to look around the site. You can enroll in any of the upcoming sessions by following the instructions on the site.

    Please send your feedback to trainer@aamva.org so we can make this portal easy for you to attend our training sessions.

    We look forward to seeing you online!

    If you used the former AAMVA training portal aamva.webroom.com (prior to March 25, 2011)… You must register on the new training portal, as your old user ID and password were NOT automatically imported from the old training site. However, during registration, you can choose to create a username and password that are identical the ones you used on the old training portal.

    Upcoming schedule for Online Systems Training sessions:

    September 2021


    14 TUE 2-4 PM ET PDPS State-to-State and NDR-Generated Transactions
    15 WED 2-4 PM ET PDPS Clean File Processing
    17 FRI 2-4 PM ET PDPS Identity Correction

    *** This schedule is subject to change without notice.

    October 2021


    19 TUE 1:30-3:30 PM ET S2S DHR Administration
    26 TUE 1:30-3:30 PM ET Best Practices for Potential Duplicate Resolution *NEW COURSE*

    You can enroll in AAMVA training sessions by visiting the AAMVA Online Systems Training Portal and following the instructions on the site. Before you can enter the site, you must:

    • Register with a username and password (Note: We recommend that you use your aamva.org user ID (usually your email address) and password so you can easily remember your portal login)
    • Have a recent version of the Adobe Flash player installed. Download the Flash Player 

    In the training portal, you can view all of the available upcoming sessions at the bottom of the Home page. Next to each session, there is a Details button that allows you to view more information about the session and a RSVP button to enroll.

    You can also enroll in a session by selecting it from the Calendar. Click the session title on the day it is scheduled, and then click the RSVP button to enroll.

    Interpreting Session Colors 

    If your session has this color…

    Then it is a…


    Session in the past


    Session that is available for enrollment


    Session in which you are enrolled


    Attending Sessions 

    On the day of the session, open your training enrollment confirmation email and click the Training Room link.

    Alternatively, you can log in to the AAMVA Online Training Portal and click the Go to Training button in the session list on the Home page. The Go To Training button becomes active 15 minutes before the session start time.

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