Driver Training

AAMVA does not develop or provide materials for driver training. However, AAMVA does recommend completion of a recognized driver training program such as a Professional Truck Driver Training (PTDI) certified course. 

AAMVA's Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Manual is a comprehensive test preparation resource for CDL candidates. This manual is intended to prepare an applicant for the license and testing process, however it is not a substitute for a certified driver training program. The content has been approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to ensure that a licensing program will meet all applicable standards.

Formal training materials developed specifically for training entry-level commercial vehicle operators should be used and can be obtained from the following organizations. Below is a list of recently added items related to this topic. At the bottom of the page is a button that will take you to our search results page, where you can find additional items as well as filters to customize your search for content.