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NMVTIS is an electronic system that provides consumers with valuable information about a vehicle's condition and history. Prior to purchasing a vehicle, NMVTIS allows consumers to find information on the vehicle's title, most recent odometer reading, brand history, and in some cases historical theft data. Only Approved NMVTIS Data Providers are authorized to display the NMVTIS logo and sell a vehicle history report using NMVTIS data to consumers (individual or commercial).

How to Obtain a Vehicle History Report

To search NMVTIS to find important vehicle condition and history information, please select an Approved NMVTIS Data Provider (see list below). To understand what information will be included in a NMVTIS vehicle history report, please read the NMVTIS Consumer Access Product Disclaimer and Understanding a NMVTIS Vehicle History Report.
Note: Individual consumers cannot purchase a NMVTIS vehicle history report from Carfax, CVR, DMVDesk, or Experian; these entities provide information only to car dealerships. Additionally, AAMVA does not endorse a specific Approved NMVTIS Data Provider. When you select one of the entities listed you are leaving the AAMVA website and accessing the website of an Approved NMVTIS Data Provider that has agreed under contract with AAMVA to provide vehicle history reports containing NMVTIS data to the public consistent with federal legal requirements.
A vehicle history report which contains NMVTIS information from an Approved NMVTIS Data Provider is different from other vehicle history reports. It draws on data from NMVTIS, the only vehicle history database in the nation to which ALL states, insurance carriers, and junk and salvage yards are required by federal law to report.

NMVTIS is designed to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles and to keep stolen vehicles from being resold. Used car buyers can benefit from taking advantage of all vehicle history report services available and may want to consider an independent inspection before purchasing a used vehicle.

Created by the Anti Car Theft Act, NMVTIS is required to include data from all state motor vehicle agencies, including brand information that describes a vehicle’s prior use and condition and the latest odometer reading. NMVTIS is the only vehicle history database in the nation to which all states, insurance carriers, and junk and salvage yards are required by federal law to report. Federal law also requires all insurance companies and all junk and salvage yards in the United States to report their salvage and total loss vehicles to NMVTIS. Because of this, NMVTIS can help car buyers detect fraud and know if a car has been totaled or determined to be salvage or junk, before they buy a car.

Federal law requires that states, before issuing a new title on a vehicle from or purchased in another state, verify through NMVTIS the title being presented and accuracy of certain other vehicle information. Vehicle information in NMVTIS is available to prospective car purchasers, states, and law enforcement.

The following is a list of all Approved NMVTIS Data Providers in alphabetical order and in no way is meant to indicate a preference of one provider over another. Consumers cannot receive NMVTIS vehicle history reports from Carfax, CVR, DMVDesk, or Experian as these entities provide information only to car dealerships.

How to Become an Approved NMVTIS Data Provider

Approved NMVTIS Data Providers, operate under contract with AAMVA. Only approved Providers are authorized to sell NMVTIS vehicle history reports and display the NMVTIS logo. The listing of all current approved Providers can be found below.

The business model to become an Approved NMVTIS Data Provider is simple, NMVTIS data is provided upon submitting a single Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to AAMVA. The approved Provider is responsible for creating their own NMVTIS vehicle history report, for sale to consumers (individuals/ businesses). There are specific requirements regarding the display of NMVTIS data on the vehicle history report. These requirements are outlined in the contract.

The development cost of the web interface to request and receive the NMVTIS data is $30,000. This fee must be paid before development work can begin and is due at contract execution. Application structured testing and certification by AAMVA personnel is required before the application is permitted to go “live.” Additionally, fees are charged on a single VIN inquiry basis, using a “single rate” pricing structure based on volume.

All parties interested in becoming an Approved NMVTIS Data Provider must submit the following:

  • A completed Application for Services form along with required financial documentation*
  • Non-refundable application fee of $1,000 payable by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or check.
  • A detailed description of the business plan to use the NMVTIS data, including, if available, potential customer base/industry/sector, transaction volumes, prior experience in the sector, technical resources, etc.

To request an Application for Service form or for questions about becoming an Approved NMVTIS Data Provider, please contact us and select NMVTIS Approved Data Provider from the drop-down menu of subjects.

Notes: Fees are subject to applicable sales tax. Interested parties must be a U.S.-based commercial entity. Approved NMVTIS Data Providers must agree all NMVTIS data will be stored on computer servers physically located in the U.S.

*Lack of financial documentation or length of credit history may require a deposit at contract execution

Resources for Approved NMVTIS Data Providers

AAMVA provides tools to help raise awareness for consumers about the important of using NMVTIS to check vehicle history and prevent fraud. 

Our series of Check NMVTIS Before You Buy! videos can be used by providers to help pass along this message. The series includes captioned as well as uncaptioned full videos and shorts and Spanish language full videos and shorts.

We encourage you to post the videos on your website. Click here to access the videos for download.

Approved NMVTIS Data Providers

Below are all current Approved NMVTIS Data Providers. Clicking on the banners will send you to their websites.