Single VIN Reporting Service FAQs

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the NMVTIS Single VIN Reporting Service (SVRS). Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our website or from other sources.


 Who Can Register

Q: Do towing companies have to report to NMVTIS?

A: Yes, towing companies should report using the applicable entity type that reflects the role they play. Most towing companies would be in the business of selling junk vehicles and should register using the “P” Salvage Pool designation. However, you should ensure that you are registering to reflect the activity that you are engaged in.

Q: How much does it cost to use the service?

A: There is no charge for this free service being offered by AAMVA.

Q: When do I get my user name and password?

A: After you complete the registration process a USER ID and PASSWORD will be sent to your registered email account along with an account activation link.

Q: For Business Entities: What if I already have registered with another data consolidator?

A: You can still upload your vehicle reports to NMVTIS using the Single VIN Reporting Service. Just complete the registration process using the Reporting Entity ID number assigned to you by the other data consolidator.

Q: For Business Entities. What if my business is both a salvage pool and an auto recycler?

A: For each line of business that has its own Federal Tax ID Number you need to register each business separately with the Single VIN Reporting Service.

Q: Can I change my registration information?

A: Yes. We strongly recommend that the company contact information on your registration is kept current.

Q: What is a Reporting Entity ID number?

A: Each entity that participates in the NMVTIS Junk, Salvage and Insurance (JSI) program is assigned a unique identifier. That unique identifier is referred to a Reporting Entity ID number. Your Reporting Entity ID number is your Logon ID. It is also associated with all of your vehicle reports to NMVTIS.

Q: How can I get a Reporting Entity ID number?

A: It’s easy. Just visit here to get started.

Q: For Business Entities: I already have a Reporting Entity ID from another consolidator, can I use it here?

A: For businesses, we encourage you to use your existing Reporting Entity ID whenever possible. For individuals you can only register and report using the Single VIN Reporting Service.

Q: For Business Entities. I cannot determine my line of business.

A: Please use the information below:

  • "I" Insurer: An individual or entity engaged in the business of underwriting automobile insurance.
  • "R" Recycler: A business that acquires vehicles for recycled use as parts, scrap, or similar purposes
  • "P" Salvage Pool or Towing Company: An entity that acquires junk and salvage automobiles from a variety of parties and consolidates them for resale at a common point of sale.
  • "D" Shredder: An entity who receives vehicles in a crushed or condensed state for scrap metal processing.

Reporting Vehicle Information to NMVTIS

Q: What do I report to NMVTIS?

A: For insurers

A: For auto recyclers, salvage yards, and junk yards

Q: How often do I need to file reports to NMVTIS on vehicles in my inventory?

A: Every month if you handle five or more vehicles that are determined to be salvage, junk, or total loss. Please visit this site and review the topic “NMVTIS Reporting Requirements for Auto Recyclers, Salvage Yards, and Junk Yards”

Q: I’m not sure what types of vehicles to report to NMVTIS?

A: Include: Automobiles, buses, trucks, heavy trucks over 10,000lbs, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, motor homes, and road tractors

A: Exclude: Trailers, mobile homes, special machinery, vessels, mopeds, semi-trailers, golf carts, farm equipment and boats

Q: I cannot locate the VIN on many cars on my lot. How should I proceed?

A: Visit here for the answer.

Q: What if I am already reporting my vehicle inventory information to my state DMV?

A: Visit here for the answer.

Q: How do I report on behalf of another organization?

A: Visit here for the answer.

Q: Can anybody else view my vehicle reports?

A: Visit here for the answer.

Q: Often I am not sure what disposition to report under certain circumstances?

A: Use the information below to determine the appropriate disposition.

  • Take a vehicle into possession but take no action with the vehicle: TBD Disposition
  • Sell the vehicle (in its entirety or as parts): SOLD Disposition
  • Buy a vehicle for Parts: TBD Disposition
  • Buy a vehicle for Rebuild: TBD Disposition
  • Crush the vehicle: CRUSH Disposition
  • Process the vehicle into scrap metal: SCRAP Disposition

Q: I have my vehicle inventory on an MS Excel Spreadsheet. Can I perform a batch upload to the Single VIN Reporting Service?

A: No, the service only supports single VIN entry.

Q: We need to verify that our NVMTIS reporting is correct from a compliance reporting perspective.

A: If you have submitted all of your vehicle reports to NMVTIS using the Single VIN Reporting Service, all of your reporting history can be viewed by selecting “Prior Reporting Submissions” from the Main Menu. You also receive email confirmations for each vehicle report submitted.

Vehicle reports submitted through data consolidators other than AAMVA cannot be viewed using the Single VIN Reporting Service. You will need to contact the consolidator directly for your reporting history.

Q: Does the vehicle transferred to field on a vehicle report mean from the owner to us, or the name of the company we sell the vehicle to?

A: This field should be populated with the entity or individual you provided or transferred the vehicle to, not your company name.

Q: When filing a vehicle report through the service how do I determine which fields are mandatory?

A: All of the mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk “*”.

Q: Should I enter the mileage that is reported on the title or the mileage of the vehicle when we purchased it?

A: You should report the mileage taken off the vehicle odometer when you purchased it.

Vehicles Reports Submitted to NMVTIS in Error

Q: What if I accidentally report a vehicle to NMVTIS that was not in my inventory?

A: The service allows you to add comments to vehicle reports submitted in error. So, for example if you accidently reported a vehicle that was not in your inventory this service would enable you to add the following comments: ‘Report made in error. This vehicle is not a Total Loss” to the report.

Q: How do I update a vehicle report I submitted to NMVTIS in error?

A: Once submitted to NMVTIS vehicle reports are never updated they are amended by providing comments on why the report was submitted in error. So, for example if you accidently reported an incorrect Vehicle Obtain Date you would provide the following comments: ‘Obtain date reported in error”. You would then resubmit a new vehicle report with the correct Vehicle Obtain Date.

  1. Login to the Single VIN Reporting Service.
  2. Select “Prior Reporting Submissions” from the Main Menu.
  3. Identify the vehicle report submitted in error.
  4. Click on the “Pencil” icon.
  5. Comment as to why the vehicle report was submitted in error and submit.

Q: I submitted a vehicle report in error through a data consolidator other than AAMVA. Can I amend the vehicle report using the Single VIN Reporting Service?

A: No, vehicle reports submitted through a data consolidator other than AAMVA cannot be amended using the Single VIN Reporting Service.


Q: What software do I need to use the service?

A: You will need a web browser: IE 10, IE 11, Chrome and Firefox are the supported browsers. You will also need an email account to register with the service.

Q: During what hours is the service available?

A: The system may be unavailable Sunday from 2:00 am - 5:00 am (ET)

Q: I am having issues with my PC that is preventing me from accessing the service.

A: Certain circumstances surrounding your PC configuration may prevent you from accessing the Single VIN Reporting Service. Here are some ideas to help you troubleshoot the problem:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Make sure you are using a supported web browser. You can use Microsoft IE 10 or 11 plus Chrome and Firefox
  • Make sure your firewall has not excluded the Single VIN Reporting service from its trusted zone.
  • Make sure your screen resolution is not too low. The recommended resolution is 1280 x 1024.

Please contact your technical support person should the problems persist.

Q: I’m having problems logging into the Single VIN Reporting Service.

A: Both your Login ID and Password can be recovered using the links on the Main Login/ Registration Page.

Q: How do I figure out if I have already registered for the service?

A: Use the Logon ID recovery utility on the Main Login/ Registration Page to search for your Reporting ID. You can search by Company Name, Address or City and State.

Q: Can we have more than one computer established for the purpose of reporting?

A: Yes, multiple computers can access the service at the same time.

Q: For Business Entities: Is there a way to report vehicles without owning a computer?

A: Not through the Single VIN Reporting Service but the Third Party Data Consolidators (i.e. Auto Data Direct) are required to accept vehicle reports via Fax or other media. The list of approved Third Party Data Consolidators is located here

For questions about the Single VIN Reporting Service, please contact us.