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    AAMVA's Managing Data Privacy & External Access Working Group Meets in Tampa

    MDPEAThumbnail_985853.JPGAAMVA's Managing Data Privacy & External Access Working Group met February 4-6, in Tampa, FL. AAMVA will soon be publishing an interim report with a preview of the best practice topics the working group has been developing. During last week's meeting, they continued to refine the draft document, meet with industry stakeholders, and discussed the most beneficial best practices for administering a data privacy program. The best practice is intended to provide guidance to jurisdictions to protect driver and vehicle records, provide access and authorize usage consistent with law, and apply effective and efficient approaches to internal and external audit practices. The working group plans to refine the document further in a small group meeting in April 2020, and expects the final best practice document to be published in late 2020.

    Legislative Alert: REAL ID Legislation Introduced in U.S. Congress

    On February 11th, Congresswoman Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) introduced HR 5827, the "Trusted Traveler REAL ID Relief Act of 2020." While much of the legislation is focused on traveler screening, it also includes language in Section 3 that would permit a state to establish a process for the submission of electronic documents to satisfy the requirements of REAL ID. The Act has been referred to the House Homeland Security Committee. Read the full legislative alert

    Test Maintenance Subcommittee is Looking for Region 1 Representative

    AAMVA is seeking one jurisdiction representative from Region 1 to serve on the Test Maintenance Subcommittee. The Test Maintenance Subcommittee (TMS) is a permanent AAMVA Subcommittee which is directly responsible for developing, maintaining, and distributing new and/or revised model driver's license testing systems and related materials (CDL, noncommercial and motorcycle) to the AAMVA member jurisdictions. TMS works closely with the IDEC Board to develop/maintain examiner training curriculums and related materials; and provides guidance, best practices and resources to our members on all issues related to driver testing and examiner training/certification and auditing.  If you are interested in applying for this position, please complete the application and email it to committees@aamva.org no later than March 10, 2020. If you have questions about the Test Maintenance Subcommittee, please contact Karen Morton.

    Card Design Standard (CDS) Subcommittee Seeking Jurisdiction Member

    AAMVA is seeking a new jurisdiction driver license representative for the Card Design Standard (CDS) Subcommittee. Preference may be given to applicants from Canadian jurisdictions. The CDS Subcommittee attempts to standardize the means, whether physical or electronic, to confidently identify a person or to confirm identity, primarily in support of road traffic law enforcement. Applicants should have experience working with physical document security and card design. Preference may also be given to applicants with mobile driver licenses (mDL) experience. Incomplete applications will not be considered. If you are interested in applying for this position, please complete the application and email it to committees@aamva.org no later than Friday, February 21, 2020. If you have questions about the CDS Subcommittee or the Joint mDL Working Group, please contact Mindy Stephens or Geoff Slagle.

    This Week's Webinars

    NMVTIS Suspense Resolution for Online States (AMIE Version) – Part 1 

    Thursday, February 20, 2020, 1:00 - 2:00 pm (ET)

    NMVTIS has two third party transactions that involve updates between the central site and multiple states. Because the transactions involve multiple states and the central site, it is possible for a transaction to break down before it completes. Further activity against this title record is greatly restricted until the problem is resolved. This webinar provides instruction as to how to identify and resume suspended transactions. The intended audience for this webinar are NMVTIS help desk personnel, business process analystsand IT system integrators.

    Note: This webinar is for AAMVA jurisdiction members only.


    The following articles from  AAMVA's Regional News for February 21, 2020 received the highest click-through rates:

    DHS Announces Permission for States to Accept Customer Scanned Documents 

    DHS Acting Secretary Chad F. Wolf sent letters to states informing them that states may now add the pre-submission of identity and lawful status source documents, through a secure electronic process, prior to an applicant's in-person DMV visit, and physical presentation of those same documents for authentication and verification by DMV personnel. The applicant is still required to physically present those same documents to DMV personnel for authentication and verification. Read the press release at dhs.gov

    Depending on Where You Live, Your DMV May Be Selling Your Personal Information

    A Spotlight on America investigation found a surprising source taking your personal information and selling it: Departments of Motor Vehicles in states across the country. Depending on where you live, the information may be released to various government and law enforcement agencies involved in investigations or manufacturing recalls. But we discovered your data may be sold to businesses, private investigators and other entities you wouldn't expect...Schwartz, a senior staff attorney at EFF, says a federal law passed in 1994 was designed to stop this type of sale from happening without your consent. The Driver's Privacy Protection Act, also known as DPPA, was passed after the death of actress Rebecca Schaeffer, who was killed by an obsessed fan who used motor vehicle records to figure out where she lived. But Schwartz explained, the law hasn't solved the problem. Read more at wjla.com.

    A Man Was Awarded Over $150k After He Was Denied a License Plate That Read 'IM GOD' (Kentucky)

    A judge has ordered the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to pay more than $150,000 for the attorneys' fees of a man who was denied of his request for a license plate that read "IM GOD." Hart, who says he is an atheist, told CNN affiliate WXIX that he drove around Ohio with "IM GOD" on his plate for more than a decade. So when he moved to Kenton County, Kentucky, in 2016, he put in a request to keep the same license plate. But instead, transportation officials sent him a letter denying his request, saying his request was "not in good taste and would create the potential of distraction to other drivers and possibly confrontations," according to court documents. Read more at cnn.com.

    What's a Passport Card, and Can It Replace a REAL ID? (California)

    Here's why I don't have a Real ID California Driver's license: long lines at the DMV. Now, just like you, I have been told for a couple years that I need a Real ID driver's license or I won't be able to fly domestically once the Real ID Program kicks in on October first. But is that really the case? Turns out you don't need a Real ID Driver's license if you have the right documentation, starting with a passport. "I am not personally recommending that people bring their passport to the TSA checkpoint for domestic flights," says TSA's Lorie Dankers. "The risk of losing or damaging your passport is too great." Read more at abc7news.com.

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