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  • Facial Recognition Working Group Meets in San Antonio

    FRWG_04.2019The leadership core group of the Facial Recognition (FR) Working Group met April 10-11 to edit the final draft of the FR Program Best Practices Guide, originally published in 2015. The final draft is now being reviewed by the full working group before being moved through the approval process. The 2019 version is expected to be published in August 2019.

    Abandoned Vehicle Title Fraud Prevention: Survey Help Needed

    Time is running out to assist the Abandoned Vehicle & Mechanic Lien Fraud Prevention Working Group in completing a member survey. This survey will be a part of the working group's best practice document that will help jurisdictions in fraud prevention, detection, and deterrence related to abandoned and possessory lien vehicle title processes. The survey can be found by clicking this link. Please take a few minutes to provide your jurisdiction input before the April 25, 2019 deadline. The working group is expected to publish this best practice in early 2020. Thanks for your assistance.

    Third Party Agents Working Group Seeks Stakeholders

    Industry representatives are invited to participate in AAMVA's Third Party Agents Working Group as Stakeholders. The Working Group is developing an interim guidance and a best practice document for administering and auditing third parties and vendors who process motor vehicle and driver license transactions on behalf of jurisdiction agencies. NOTE: Commercial driver license (CDL) transactions, including skills testing, performed by a third party agent is NOT included the Working Group's task.
    Organizations that represent companies, providing third party services for motor vehicle agencies are invited to submit an application to participate as a stakeholder. Stakeholders may be asked to join conference calls and in-person meetings (at Stakeholder expense) with the Working Group. Space is limited and AAMVA will select qualified representatives from the applications received. Applications must be submitted no later than May 3, 2019. Send completed application to committees@aamva.org. Questions can be referred to Casey Garber, (703) 328-0747.

    This Week's Webinars

    NMVTIS State Web Interface (SWI) – How to Correct Title and Brand Data on the Central Site

    April 16, 2019, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (ET)

    In the past, states contacted the AAMVA Help Desk directly if they needed to make a data correction. As part of the NMVTIS reengineering effort, a Help Desk feature was created to allow states to correct their title and brand data on the central site. When states perform their own data corrections the timeliness and accuracy of the data corrections improves substantially. This webinar is focused on explaining the capability of the Help Desk feature as included in the SWI. Data correction scenarios are explained and matched to the correct update operation within the SWI. A brief overview of the SWI application will also be provided.

    Note:  This webinar is for AAMVA jurisdiction and federal members only.

    The following articles from AAMVA's Regional News for April 12, 2019 received the highest click-through rates:

    Here Are the Most Outrageous License Plates Submitted to the Florida DMV 

    When Adam Peterson's white 1976 Toyota Supra was getting repainted, someone stole his personalized license plate. So he went to a branch of the Pasco Tax Collector to request another one. Weeks later, the 38-year-old Tampa man got a letter from the state. Even though he'd driven around with a plate that said 'SNGLE AF' for years, his request to replace it with the same message had been rejected. Peterson swears that the meaning isn't what people probably think — he has a girlfriend. The plate was actually referring to his customized car. Read the article at tampabay.com.


    Maine Unveils New Driver's License Design That Will Include Real ID Compliant Marking

    Your driver's license will be getting a makeover when it comes up for renewal. The Maine secretary of state's office unveiled a new design for it on Monday that will also include a marking meant to signal compliance with a controversial federal law regulating state-issued identification. The new design will replace the moose-and-mountain design adopted in 2010 by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, which is overseen by the secretary of state's office. Read the article at fiddleheadfocus.com.


    Kid-Sized 'Traffic Parks' Are D.C.'s New Playgrounds With a Purpose (Washington, DC)

    The playground at Neval Thomas Elementary in Northeast D.C. looks like a lot of schools'. It has slides and monkey bars, but look at the asphalt around it, and you'll see a new paint job that's fun and functional. It's full of traffic markings like roundabouts, bike lanes, speed bumps, and crosswalks. Last month, school officials cut the ribbon on what they call a 'traffic garden.' The new addition to the playground mimics the complicated streets of the District. Read the article at wamu.org.


    Distracted Driving AD: 'Don't Be That Guy' (Massachusetts)  

    A TV spot urging people not to be 'that guy' is anchoring a new public awareness campaign designed to reduce distracted driving. The Baker administration announced the campaign Thursday, saying research shows that changing attitudes about distracted driving is an effective way to change driver behavior. Citing highway safety experts, administration officials say driver inattention is behind a 'steady increase' in pedestrian and bicycle crashes over the past several years. Read the article at sentinelandenterprise.com.

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