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  • New “T” Restriction Code for Ignition Interlock Available

    The “T” restriction code, which serves as an indicator of the motor vehicle record for an ignition interlock restriction, is available with the latest SPEXS release and is also published in the SPEXS System Specification (published 11/2020) and PDPS System Specification (published 1/2021). This restriction code will be shared by various systems used by motor vehicle administrations and law enforcement. In addition to this code, jurisdictions may have an additional icon or indicator displayed on the credential. In jurisdictions where multiple agencies have the authority to require an ignition interlock device, clear communication and coordination among the various entities are essential to ensure that all necessary license restrictions and record entries are accurately posted. Therefore, the 2018 Ignition Interlock Working Group recommendation, as published in the Ignition Interlock Program Best Practices document, is that jurisdictions adopt the “T” ignition interlock restriction code and display the restriction code on the front and/or back of the issued driver’s license. If you have any questions regarding the new “T” restriction code or any Ignition Interlock-related questions, please contact Jessica Ross, AAMVA's Driver License Compact and Reciprocity Program Director, Driver Programs, or Brian Ursino, AAMVA's Director of Law Enforcement.

    Survey: AAMVA’s Emergency Resilience and Response Working Group Needs Your Input 

    The Emergency Resilience and Response Working Group is working to create a toolkit and best practices document to support jurisdictions in preparing for and responding to disasters and crises. In order to identify areas and topics where resources would be most valuable to members, the group is conducting a survey to obtain information on jurisdictions’ experiences in recent emergencies. Please take the Emergency Resilience and Response survey by July 30, 2021 to assist the group with their assessment. For questions, please contact Kristen Shea. Click here to take the survey. 

    New AAMVAcast Episode

    In this episode, we speak with Lauren Bailey with the National Automobile Dealers Association and James Walker with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission about online vehicle sales.

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    Agencies Report Phishing Attempts 

    Many jurisdictions reported text message phishing attempts, also known as SMS phishing or "smishing," this week. The scam includes fraudulent text messages claiming to be an official agency and asking for personal information. Below is a selection of member news releases regarding this update. 

    Jurisdiction Response to COVID-19

    Click here to view consolidated information and see how motor vehicle administrations are handling driver licensing and vehicle registration. This document will be updated with the most current information on our  homepage

    Motor Vehicle Industry Response on COVID-19 Pandemic

    Below are a selection of news releases and announcements regarding the effects of coronavirus on the motor vehicle community.





      The following articles from AAMVA's Regional News for July 23, 2021 received the highest click-through rates:

      Unusually Crisp License Photo Leads to Identity Theft Discovery in Oklahoma

      An unusually crisp driver’s license photo led to an identity theft discovery a week ago in Tulsa, leaving an Oklahoma man scrambling to get it sorted out. It was a nightmare scenario for Perry Allison. Someone stole his identity, creating a driver’s license with his name on it and tried to open multiple lines of credit with it. He said the first one that caught the fraud was a bank he didn’t even use. The person behind this took a random picture and put it on an Oklahoma driver’s license and only changed a few details on it before hitting the banks to make his move. Read more at kfor.com.

      How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Catalytic Converter Theft (Texas)

      As catalytic converter thefts increase, local authorities have offered tips to help drivers avoid becoming the next victim. Stealing a catalytic converter can usually happen in just a few minutes with a cordless saw or wrench, according to the Dallas County Sheriff's Department. Read more at nbcdfw.com.

      Reviver Gets Its Digital License Plates Into Southern California's Galpin Motors Dealerships

      Granite Bay digital license plate company ReviverMX Inc. has gotten its plates into a Southern California auto group that operates some of the highest-volume dealerships in the country. Under an agreement, some high-end auto brands of Los Angeles-based Galpin Motors will sell cars with Reviver’s Rplates on new vehicles, Reviver CEO Robert Wood told the Business Journal. Read more at bizjournals.com.

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