• Selective Service Registration (SSR)

  • The Selective Service Registration (SSR) application provides an automated means for motor vehicle agencies to transmit information on males who apply for or renew a driver's license, driver's permit, or identification card, and qualify for the Selective Service System (SSS) registration. The application consists of one transaction from a jurisdiction’s motor vehicle agency to SSS. After the data is sent to SSS, SSS returns a confirmation message (if all data is correct) or returns an error message (if data is missing or in an incorrect format).

    The SSS requested that AAMVA create this application to facilitate the implementation of state laws that link acquiring a driver’s license, renewal, or identification card to SSS registration. States are passing such laws because many individuals who are required to register with Selective Service are unaware of the registration requirement. It is often after the individual passes the mandatory age requirement and attempts to collect certain benefits or seeks employment from the federal government, that they are turned down for failure to register. Furthermore, over half of the jurisdictions have passed legislation requiring registration with the Selective Service System before individuals may collect benefits and qualify for employment on the state government level as well.

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    SSR Participation Map (2020)

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