Strategic Priority 4.0: Fiscal Integrity

Sustainable, transparent, and compliant

Goal 4.1  |  Sustain operational revenue from multiple, balanced sources, while keeping increases in jurisdiction members' dues and fees minimal and strategic

  • Targeted Outcome 1: 80% of members agree membership value equals or exceeds its cost
  • Targeted Outcome 2: Augment annual operational budget with the investment portfolio to support member priorities as part of a long-term portfolio strategy as defined by the Board
  • Targeted Outcome 3: Increase mission-focused revenue from non-government sources
  • Targeted Outcome 4: Sustain or grow level of federal government funding as a percentage of annual revenue

Goal 4.2 |  Ensure the highest standard of ethics, integrity, and transparency in fiscal management

  • Targeted Outcome 1: Provide member and public access to key financial reports and audits, consistent with industry best practices
  • Targeted Outcome 2: Demonstrate the Board of Directors and the Finance, Investment, and Audit Committee’s (FIA) fiduciary responsibility by their oversight of AAMVA's fiscal management
  • Targeted Outcome 3: Meet or exceed established norms of fiscal accountability and compliance