AAMVA has numerous committees to administer the activities of programs, subcommittees, and working groups that fall under the committees.

Our three discipline standing committees, Driver, Law Enforcement, and Vehicle, meet both independently and jointly. 

Each committee is structured to best meet the needs and address the issues of its program area and has members from nine primary areas. Subject matter experts in each of these primary areas are represented in each of the committees.

Watch the most recent video updates below on their working groups, projects, and deliverables.

Areas of Representation

  • Driver Licensing
  • Fraud
  • Identity Management
  • Information Technology
  • Law Enforcement
  • Legal Services
  • Motor Carrier Services
  • Public Affairs and Consumer Education
  • Vehicle Registration and Title

A summary video of projects and initiatives can be found on each committee's page. 

AAMVA also has committees that oversee the management of programs, including the International Driver Examiner Certification Program and the State to State (S2S) Verification Service

Visit here for a list of upcoming committee meetings.

Driver Standing Committee

Works across all disciplines to improve and promote safety, security, and service within driver programs through education, leadership...

Law Enforcement Standing Committee

Inspires collaboration between law enforcement and motor vehicle administrators to improve highway and public safety

Vehicle Standing Committee

Identifies, develops, and champions vehicle safety and consumer protection initiatives and promotes reasonable and uniform best practices and laws...

Driver License Compact (DLC)/Non-Resident Violator Compact (NRVC) Executive Board

Governing board of the compacts charged with directing and supervising its affairs, committees, and publications; promoting its objectives; and...

State-to-State (S2S) & Driver License Compact Governance Committee

Oversees improvements, enhancements, and changes related to the S2S Verification Service and its use

Finance, Investment & Audit Committee

Reports to the Board of Directors and provides financial oversight such as budgeting, financial reporting and documentation, investment management,...

Identity Management Steering Committee

Provides AAMVA's Board of Directors with recommendations, advise, and subject matter expertise for the implementation and operation of a mobile...

Information Technology Advisory Committee

Reports to the Board of Directors and provides recommendations, advice, and strategic direction to AAMVA's information technology (IT) team on key...