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  • Persons with Disabilities Placards and License Plates: Best Practices in Deterring and Detecting Fraud and Misuse Now Available!

    DisabilityPlacardPlatesBPThe AAMVA Disability Placard/Plate Fraud Working Group announces the release of AAMVA's newest member resource. The new resource, entitled, Persons with Disabilities Placards and License Plates: Best Practices in Deterring and Detecting Fraud and Misuse, aims to help member jurisdictions improve the issuance process for disability placards and plates, deterrence and detection of fraud in these areas, and the enforcement of disability parking violations. Member jurisdictions are encouraged to use the guide as a starting point for an informed local discussion on how best to marry needs for accessible parking with needs for general parking. The Best Practices Guide includes a total of 40 recommendations that jurisdictions may choose to adopt. Sample statutory language and recommended standards is also provided. Read more here.

    Mobile Drivers License (mDL) in Australia

    TechGovAustraliaThe subject of mobile driver licenses (mDL) was on prominent display at the recently held Technology in Government conference in Canberra, Australia last week. This was the inaugural debut of a special Digital ID component to the event. Mark Lowe, Director of Iowa's Department of Transportation, Geoff Slagle, AAMVA's Director, Identity Management, and Arjan Geluk, Chairman ISO WG10/TF14 & UL Transaction Security were invited to present on the mDL work happening within North America and Europe. Individual presentations were made and a panel was held for attendees to learn what was happening with the mDL standardization work in ISO, the exploratory experiences of mDL pilots, and the unfolding mDL implementation in Iowa. South Australia also provided an overview of an mDL implementation that they have rolled out, and discussions were held with other states/territories that are in the preparation stage for future implementations.   

    North Carolina Now Fully Participating in NMVTIS

    AAMVA is very pleased to announce that North Carolina implemented online inquiry and will continue to make batch updates in NMVTIS. Congratulations, North Carolina! For more information about NMVTIS federal compliance requirements, please contact Marney Michalowski, NMVTIS Program Manager.

    IT Members Needed for NMVTIS Business Rules Working Group

    The NMVTIS Business Rules Working Group (NMVTIS BRWG) was established to focus on state business processes, policies and procedures. The NMVTIS BRWG is made up of representatives from jurisdictions in all four regions. These jurisdictions represent the various modes of participation in NMVTIS, specifically, fully integrated online, batch, or some combination of the two. The NMVTIS BRWG reviewed a number of previously identified issues and determined that the solution to many of the concerns was to create best practices to help facilitate a document to assist jurisdictions in developing their business policies and practices in a consistent manner. The intent of these best practices is to provide the title and registration program managers with information and a resource to assist them in ensuring that NMVTIS works hand in hand with the jurisdiction’s title practices.  The NMVTIS BRWG continues to identify methods the jurisdictions can more effectively utilize NMVTIS data.  The Working Group currently has two (2) vacancies and is seeking applications from subject matter experts (SME) on NMVTIS programming and working with the jurisdiction’s business contacts.  Eligible applicants will be expected to attend two in-person meetings per year and virtual meetings on an as needed basis. The working group members also represent the NMVTIS BRWG at various AAMVA events including some of the regional conferences, the international conference, and spring workshop and law institute.  Please complete the application and submit to committees@aamva.org no later than close of business on August 24, 2018.

    CDL Trainer Vacancy

    AAMVA is looking for volunteers to serve on our CDL Training Team. This team is responsible for teaching trainers, state CDL skills test examiners, compliance auditors and federal partners in all aspects of the AAMVA 2005 CDL Test System, Examiner Training & Certification Requirements, and methods for conducting CDL Compliance Audits. We are looking for individuals who have a passion for training others. Trainers will also have the opportunity to network with peers and federal partners. AAMVA currently conducts one CDL Train the Trainer class and two CDL Examiner Update classes annually. Trainers must have the availability and willingness to travel out-of-state at least twice a year to conduct classes. Trips are usually 8 to 9 days in length and include weekend travel. All travel-related expenses will be paid by AAMVA. 
    Interested candidates must complete the Member Trainer Application Form and submit it to committees@aamva.org no later than Friday, August 10, 2018. If you have any questions, contact Karen Morton.

    Autonomous Vehicle Best Practices Working Group

    AAMVA is looking to fill two vacancies on the Autonomous Vehicle Best Practices Working Group with jurisdictional members. The purpose of the Working Group is to work with AAMVA jurisdictions, law enforcement, federal agencies and other stakeholders to gather, organize and share information with the AAMVA community related to the development, design, testing, use and regulation of autonomous vehicles and other emerging vehicle technologies. Based on the group's research, guidance to assist member jurisdiction in regulating autonomous vehicles will be updated.

    This Working Group is committed to two face-to-face meetings in 2019 and will hold several conference calls. Members of the group conduct research and draft portions of the guidance in small groups and independently. Members may also be called upon to speak publicly about the working group and/or to provide direct assistance to jurisdictions. Please complete the application and submit it by Friday, August 17, 2018 to committees@aamva.org. If you have any questions, contact Cathie Curtis.

    Alert: Annual International Conference (AIC), Beware of Fraudulent Phone Calls 

    If you are receiving phone calls or emails from any organization or person indicating they have a block of rooms at the Marriott Philadelphia at a lower rate, please note that they are not affiliated with AAMVA in any way. Please continue to contact the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown directly to book rooms for the Annual International Conference. 

    Hotel reservations can be made online here. Visit the AIC website for more details about hotel and travel arrangements, and to register online today!

    The following articles from Regional News - August 10, 2018 received the highest click-through rates:

    People Wait 4-Plus Hours at DMV After New Software Rolls Out Statewide (Colorado) 

    People waiting at a Denver Department of Motor Vehicle location said it took more than four hours to get through the line on Monday. A spokesman attributed the long wait times to workers adjusting to new software rolled out statewide. Monday was the first day most locations were open around the state with the new software. The DMV's previous software was installed in the 1980s. Read the article at kdvr.com. 

    Mississippi Residents are Waiting Hours — Even Days — to Get a Driver's License

    It has been an even longer, hotter summer than usual for the people at Mississippi's driver's license offices. First, the offices are handling more people wanting to renew licenses, to get a license for the first time after moving to the state or to get a passport or a firearms permit or just a photo ID for voting or a new job. Second, it's crunch time for the Real ID Act. Read the article at sunherald.com.

    New York Using App to Spot Fake IDs, Curb Underage Drinking 

    New York State is doing something no other state is doing, when it comes to spotting fake IDs and curbing underage drinking. DMV investigators in some parts of the state are already using an app on their phone, which can instantly check for fake IDs and crack down on crime. Read the article at wgrz.com

    Texas Drivers License Offices Struggle to Serve Customers

    Drivers License Offices in booming North Texas are struggling to keep up with growing population, even after promised improvements in the wake of NBC 5 Investigates reports 6 years ago. The Texas Department of Public Safety, which issues Driver Licenses opened larger "Mega" offices a few years ago to improve service but those offices are very busy. Read the article at nbcdfw.com.


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