2022 Region 3 Conference Presentations

Columbus, OH
November 1-3, 2022

For all AAMVA members

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2022 Region 3 Conference

file - 11/03/2022

Fighting Fraud Through Collaboration

Presentation on how to collaborate with external partners, including three distinctive efforts which highlight the importance of partnerships: a jurisdiction’s innovative outreach efforts with prosecutors, the newly updated MVA Investigative Unit Resource Guide and how this document can...

file - 11/02/2022

Imported Vehicles

Presentation on recent investigations involving imported vehicle fraud and how jurisdictions can help keep highways safe

file - 11/02/2022

Preventing Crashes and Fatalities by Enhancing Motorcycle Safety and Learning

Presentation on the ideas and outreach plans that are in development to help enhance motorcycle safety, including a NHTSA project that is looking at developing and providing supplemental materials for driver education, driver license testing, and raising awareness through all highway safety...

file - 11/02/2022

Electronic Titling Components and Vehicle Record Management Initiatives

Presentation on solutions to electronic titling and electronic vehicle record management, including efforts underway in Region 3 as jurisdictions move away from paper to electronic processes for managing vehicle titles and vehicle records and what AAMVA is working on to help jurisdictions with...

file - 11/02/2022

Law Enforcement Town Hall

Presentation on the current activities of the AAMVA Law Enforcement Program and an open discussion on issues impacting law enforcement

file - 11/02/2022

What Does the Future Hold for the Driver License Compact (DLC) and the State-to-State Verification Service (S2S)

Presentation on the future of the Driver License Compact (DLC) and the State-to-State Verification Service (S2S), including the recent compact membership meeting, the future merger between the DLC and S2S, and how the S2S Driver History Record (DHR) provides functionality to ensure "one driver...

file - 11/02/2022

Innovating a Safe Path Forward for Autonomous Vehicles

Presentation from autonomous vehicle leaders from Drive Ohio and the Transportation Research Center who share the latest advancements, partnerships, research, and developments, including what are the real challenges and opportunities for the future of autonomous vehicles and how will this impact...

file - 11/02/2022

Commercial Driver License Test Modernization

Presentation about the newly FMCSA approved commercial driver license (CDL) exam, including the modernized version of the test, plans for training, and what is different in this version as well as plans for manuals, train the trainer sessions, and what is in store for the future

file - 11/02/2022

Law Enforcement Interaction Plans and Protocols for Automated Vehicles

Presentation of the AAMVA Automated Vehicles Subcommittee's outline of best practices for establishing law enforcement interaction plans and protocols which will assist officers who encounter automated vehicles

file - 11/02/2022

Maximize the Customer Experience

Presentation about customer service and what DMVs are doing to shift their focus to maximize the customer experience

file - 11/01/2022

Jurisdiction Highlights and Innovation

Presentation about innovative programs that jurisdictions have submitted for AAMVA award consideration and other jurisdiction highlights

file - 11/01/2022

mDL: The Driver License of the Future

Presentation that focuses on a few major aspects of mDL and addresses many frequently asked questions, including the road to implementation, law enforcement engagement, key components of the digital trust service