2023 Region 4 Conference Presentations

Phoenix, AZ
May 2-4, 2023

For all AAMVA members

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2023 Region 4 Conference

file - 05/04/2023

Eyes in the Sky

Presentation on how remotely piloted aircraft systems (a.k.a. drones) are enhancing police investigations and officer safety by allowing for new ways to collect evidence and enhance situational awareness

file - 05/04/2023

Today's Fraud, Are You Ready?

Presentation about the latest trends in digital emissions fraud and how MVAs are working to protect personal information, prevent criminals from accessing MVA digital information, and how MVAs identify those who do

file - 05/04/2023

Customer Satisfaction with Government Services

Presentation about experiences in 21 common state government services and hear about national findings and examples of how leaders are transforming experiences with government

file - 05/04/2023

Driver Safety and Driver Medical Issues

Presentation about online renewals for seniors, best practices, and a presentation on bioptic driving

file - 05/04/2023

Data Driven Culture and DMV Optimization

Presentation about using data to help drive daily and strategic operations in your business

file - 05/04/2023

Mandatory Alcohol Screening

Presentation from an RCMP Impaired Driving Specialist on the results and how mandatory alcohol screening at any traffic stop has impacted policing

file - 05/04/2023

The Fight Against Catalytic Converter Theft

Presentation on the trends, impacts, prevention, and innovative ways jurisdictions are battling catalytic converter theft

file - 05/04/2023

Alternatives to Funding Infrastructure

Presentation about the latest research, policy, pilots, and studies that will shape the future of roadways

file - 05/04/2023

National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) Case Studies

Presentation about how jurisdictions have utilized information contained in NMVTIS to unravel vehicle history mysteries and understanding vulnerabilities in your program

file - 05/03/2023

Success of Virtual Services

Presentation on the implementation of virtual offices, virtual assistants, and virtual waiting rooms

file - 05/03/2023

Specific Use License Plate Programs and Alternatives to Metal License Plates

Presentation on how a jurisdiction is offering license plate technology options with the use of digital license plates

file - 05/03/2023

The mDL Campaign

Presentation about the landscape of mDLs in North America and distant lands, how and when to bring relying parties into the discussion, and how AAMVA's Digital Trust Service will bond it all together

file - 05/03/2023

Identifying and Supporting All Populations

Presentation from jurisdictions who have efforts under way to better understand these populations, identify their specific needs, and the ways that they are working to better serve all people

file - 05/02/2023

Jurisdiction Highlights & Innovation

Presentation on jurisdiction  innovative programs that have been submitted for AAMVA award consideration and other jurisdiction highlights

file - 05/02/2023

Law Enforcement Town Hall

Presentation on law enforcement topic specific open discussion and small group conversations

file - 05/02/2023

New Approaches to Customer Service and Delivery

Presentation from jurisdictions who are using digital platforms to shift their customer behavior and to provide more convenience than ever before

file - 05/02/2023

State-to-State Verification Service (S2S) and Driver History Record (DHR) Identified Fraud and Driver License Compact Integration

Presentation on use cases of fraud found using S2S and DHR