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  • The eID WG has been charged with the review and potential leveraging of existing identity credential standards, and to recommend standards to the AAMVA membership relating to the emergence and rising popularity of electronic identity. In wanting to further flesh out their work and to show how eID concepts can be operationalized, the working group is now assisting with the standardization guidance for an mDL.


    Mobile Driver's License Functional Needs Whitepaper

    The working group started with addressing the "what” an mDL needs to do. The "Mobile Driver's License Functional Needs Whitepaper," which is being treated as an evergreen resource tool, presents the current understanding of the Card Design Standards Committee and the eID Working Group, of the conceptual framework and functional requirements associated with a “driver license on a cellphone”, or mobile driver license (mDL). It also explores ancillary topics stakeholders may want to consider in connection with mDLs.

    A White Paper states requirements, but also formulates questions (without providing answers) on issues that require further investigation, analysis and discussion. That is, the functional needs document is by no means the definitive and final word on mDL functional requirements. It is fully recognized that this topic will likely see significant growth in the months and years to come. Consequently this document intends to serve as a basis for further discussion, investigation and research.

    The functional needs whitepaper will be used to inform the eventual development of a technical specification (standard) that would address the “how”.

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