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  • Mobile DL Video - September 2017         

    MobileDL Video Demonstrates Proof of Concept

    AAMVA has published a video demonstrating the mobile DL operational proof of concept that was done in collaboration with the RDW (DMV of the Netherlands).  The video illustrates how mobile DL technology could work and presents situations in which the technology could be used.

    Representatives from RDW were in attendance at the 2017 AIC for the official debut and received a token of appreciation from AAMVA's Chair of the Board and host of the conference, Jean Shiomoto (CA).

    mDL Overview Video
    The topic of “putting a driver’s license on a cellphone” has enjoyed much attention in the press recently. Various initiatives are being undertaken in this area. At this time most appear to be proof-of-concept or exploratory in nature. Interest is being expressed by a variety of stakeholders, including driver license administrators, legislators, vendors, and the general public.

    To respond to this growing interest in Mobile Driver Licenses/Identification Cards (mDL) AAMVA has brought together the Card Design Standard (CDS) Committee, and the Electronic Identity Working Group (eID WG). The CDS Committee is responsible for enhancing interoperability between issuing authorities in respect of, among other things, driver’s licenses – as seen through the DL/ID standard. The CDS committee also strives to present the AAMVA community’s point of view within other organizations, including standards organizations.The eID WG has been charged with the review and potential leveraging of existing identity credential standards, and to recommend standards to the AAMVA membership relating to the emergence and rising popularity of electronic identity. In wanting to further flesh out their work and to show how eID concepts can be operationalized, the working group is now assisting with the standardization guidance for an mDL.

    A starting point was to address the “what” an mDL needs to do – this has been addressed by the "Mobile Driver's License Functional Needs Whitepaper. " A White Paper states requirements, but also formulates questions (without providing answers) on issues that require further investigation, analysis and discussion. The functional needs document is by no means the definitive and final word on mDL functional requirements. It is fully recognized that this topic will likely see significant growth in the months and years to come. Consequently this document intends to serve as a basis for further discussion, investigation and research.  

    Visit the mDL Resources / Documentation page where you can download the whitepaper and other mDL resource documentation.



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