Policy Position on Certificate of Origin

It is the policy of AAMVA that a Certificate of Origin (CO) be required for conveying ownership of all new vehicles. The CO should be uniform in all jurisdictions, and when printed, conform to the standards set forth in Appendix “B”. 

AAMVA also urges manufacturers of motive and non-motive powered vehicles to adopt a standard machine-readable Certificate of Origin, utilizing the appropriate American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard that provides the criteria for character set and print quality for optical character recognition.  

AAMVA recommends that vendors of the uniform Certificate of Origin be instructed that applicants who wish to purchase uniform CO documents must furnish verification from an AAMVA member jurisdiction that the applicant is recognized as a bona fide manufacturer or distributor before the order can be accepted.  
In the interest of reducing fraud and vehicle theft, it is the policy of AAMVA that manufacturers’ use standardized codes when transmitting CO data electronically. In accordance with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System specifications, AAMVA supports the use of the NCIC codes, as found in the latest edition of the NCIC Code Manual, as the standard for the electronic transmission of all CO data. Special emphasis should be placed on the vehicle’s make, series, model, body type and major and minor colors. AAMVA supports the cooperation of manufacturers, the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and if necessary, U.S. Congress to promote this policy.

[Amended 2014]