Policy Position on Federally Owned Vehicles Certificate of Release

AAMVA asks that federal agencies use the following procedures, pending implementation of an e titling solution, when transferring federally owned vehicles: 
  1. A transfer of ownership should be executed on a single uniform document, utilizing secure paper and containing: security features, a control number, and an odometer disclosure statement.
  2. The information required on the ownership document should be typewritten. 
  3. There should be a limited number of persons authorized to sign the transfer ownership document. 
  4. The ownership document should be completed in full and contain accurate vehicle information. 
  5. A procedure should be developed for issuing a duplicate ownership document when the original has been lost or stolen. 
Upon implementation of an e-titling solution, AAMVA asks that federal agencies transfer federally owned vehicles electronically in accordance with recommendations found in best practices adopted by AAMVA.  

[Amended 2016]