Policy Position on License Plates Should Not Be Obscured

License plates should not be obscured in any way that interferes with the official duties of law enforcement or tolling authorities, or makes them unreadable from a distance of no less than 75 feet.  AAMVA opposes the use of any license plate covers or the intentional use of any material to conceal license plate characters (visible or invisible).  License plate covers include an object placed over any part of the plate that is not authorized by the MVA and placed on the license plate in a manner proscribed by the jurisdiction. Transparent covers create reflections which obscure the characters and identifying elements of the plate, and tinted license plate covers generally obscure the readability of license plates by license plate readers and the human eye. Likewise, any material applied to license plates can interfere with the retro-reflectivity of the plate and therefore its readability may be compromised. AAMVA recommends license plates be mounted and externally illuminated so they are not obscured. AAMVA further recommends license plate frames and other aftermarket products not cover any identifying elements of a plate’s design or the validation sticker, if applicable.  

[Amended 2024]