License Plate Verification Program Submission Form

The AAMVA License Plate Verification Program (LPVP) allows jurisdictions to submit up to four license plate designs each AAMVA fiscal year for comparison to the 2020 AAMVA License Plate Standard. There is no cost to the jurisdiction to participate in this program.

If you choose not to have the license plates returned to you after the process, plates not returned will be placed into an AAMVA sample license plate inventory. We will request permission from the jurisdiction contact person if license plate(s) from the inventory are to be used for other purposes such as readability testing, exemplar documents, etc.

The LPVP is intended for full-size license plates. Paper temporary and smaller license plates typically issued to motorcycles, utility trailers, and other similar vehicles are not eligible for this program.

Once we have received and processed your request, we will contact you with specific information about how to submit your samples.

This program is only for AAMVA jurisdiction members.