State Pointer Exchange Services (SPEXS) WebUI Reporting Portal

The State Pointer Exchange Services (SPEXS) WebUI Reporting Portal is an AAMVA web application that allows authorized jurisdictional users to access SPEXS reports. These reports help jurisdictions monitor data quality and timeliness of various aspects of their operations, including convictions and withdrawals posting timeliness.

The broad functionalities of the SPEXS WebUI Reporting Portal include scheduled and on-demand execution of SPEXS reports. Reports from the portal are sent to the requester via secure email.

AAMVA's reporting tool provides analytical data covering a variety of categories for the Commercial Drivers License Information System (CDLIS) and State to State Verification Service (S2S). The goal in identifying these potential issues is to save lives by keeping bad drivers off the road. The information in the reports may indicate that the jurisdiction's technology systems, business processes, or training programs need to be updated in order to maintain accurate records.

See below for the reports available for each system. Click on the button to access the SPEXS WebUI Reporting Portal.


Education and Training

AAMVA offers informational webinars and training courses related to SPEXS, including:

You can also visit our search page to find a list of all SPEXS events. Once on the page, please use the filters on the left side to access the desired "Event Type." 

For a comprehensive list of all systems trainings and learning opportunities, visit our Webinars and Training page.

CDLIS Reports

Serve to achieve and maintain compliance with federally-mandated requirements and monitor suspicious activity which may indicate potential fraud

S2S Reports

Assist jurisdictions in monitoring activity to identify potential fraud