NMVTIS Community

There is a large NMVTIS community made up of stakeholders such as local and federal agencies, individuals, organizations, and companies who have a shared interest in the use of NMVTIS. We have developed the following platforms to host the exchange of information and ideas within the community.

NMVTIS Operations Monthly Forum 

This forum brings together technology and business representatives from participating jurisdictions to raise and address operational and technical issues. AAMVA facilitates the meetings and ensures that attendees receives information about:

  • Additions and upgrades to jurisdiction participation status
  • System outages and maintenance
  • Planned enhancements
  • Activities of the AAMVA Board of Directors, Department of Justice, and Congress that may affect NMVTIS operations

The NMVTIS Operations Monthly Forum holds regular one-hour conference calls on the third Wednesday of every month from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (ET). Before each meeting, AAMVA sends a reminder and an agenda. For more information about the NMVTIS Operations Monthly Forum, please contact us and select Help Desk from the drop-down menu of subjects.

State Business Points of Contact

The NMVTIS State Business Points of Contact (POC) acts as the liaison to communicate and coordinate NMVTIS-related activities for their state, between other states, and to AAMVA. The POC represents business interests at meetings for NMVTIS planning, implementation, monitoring, and production evaluation. AAMVA hosts quarterly meetings with the State Business Points of Contact.

Law Enforcement Points of Contact

NMVTIS Law Enforcement Points of Contact serve as the primary contact between the state titling agency and state law enforcement to assist with questions related to NMVTIS information and investigations. 

Stakeholder Webinars

The broader NMVTIS stakeholder community consists of state motor vehicle and law enforcement agencies, salvage pools, recycling, auto auctions, dealers, insurance, consumers, data providers and consolidators, federal agencies, and independent organizations focused on reducing vehicle-related crimes convenes. These stakeholders convene twice each year for updates on system activities and provide input on program and policy issues. AAMVA hosts the webinars in conjunction with The Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance and sends letters of invitation.