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  • The DL/ID Card Design Standard (CDS) was developed by the Card Design Standard committee made up of jurisdictional and federal government members. The CDS provides for the design of driver licenses (DL) and identification (ID) cards and its intent is to improve the security of the DL/ID cards and the level of interoperability among cards issued by all North American jurisdictions. 

    2020 DL/ID Card Design Standard Released!

    AAMVA is happy to announce the release of the 2020 AAMVA DL/ID Card Design Standard (CDS). The 2020 CDS supersedes the 2016 AAMVA DL/ID Card Design Standard. AAMVA strongly recommends that jurisdictions beginning new card design and production efforts base their work on the 2020 standard. The 2016 AAMVA DL/ID Card Design Standard, along with previous versions, will continue to be available since jurisdictions have cards in production that are based upon those specifications.

    Download the updated CDS 






    AAMVA On: Courtesy Verification ProgramAAMVA offers the Courtesy Verification Program (CVP) as a benefit to members through arrangements with Intellicheck Mobilisa (layout, security features, and machine-readable technologies). The CVP provides an effective way for AAMVA members to determine if their driver's licenses and identification (DL/ID) cards and other motor vehicle administration documents using machine readable technologies conform to the applicable AAMVA standards and specifications. Just as compliance with these standards and specifications is voluntary, participation in the CVP is also voluntary.

    AAMVA strongly encourages its member jurisdictions to regularly take advantage of the CVP. Even though AAMVA has published best practices, standards and specifications covering DL/ID cards and the bar codes for other documents for years, inconsistencies in the implementation of those guidelines continue to occur. These inconsistencies adversely impact the interoperability and potential service life that are the main goals of the AAMVA DL/ID standards and specifications. A primary objective of the CVP is improving the consistency of implementation across all jurisdictions choosing to follow the AAMVA DL/ID standard and specifications. Information gained from the testing of jurisdictions' DL/ID cards and other documents is not only used by jurisdictions to improve their issuance systems but is also used by AAMVA to make improvements to the standards and specifications it publishes.

    AAMVA recommends that its members consider submitting DL/ID cards and other documents on three occasions. Probably the most important of these occasions is the introduction of a new configuration or design for the document. Many problems can be avoided if they are discovered before the actual issuance of documents begins. Similarly, the jurisdiction may choose to have documents tested as part of its selection process when choosing a contractor. Finally, AAMVA strongly recommends regular, periodic retesting of documents at least annually. This last recommendation is based on the fact that we have discovered that unintentional changes to the format and content of the documents actually being issued sometimes occur.

    The process for submitting documents is fairly simple. The necessary forms and instructions are contained in the CVP application form.

    Contact: Mindy Stephens, Manager, Identity Management (571) 201-3472.

    To update and create realistic and durable standards employed by AAMVA jurisdictions, to enhance the interoperability of DMV and traffic data records, and to provide a voice for the AAMVA community in standards efforts with other organizations. This aims to improve customer service and safety while emphasizing privacy protection measures. 


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  • Statement Regarding DL/ID Samples

    AAMVA does not provide sample DL/ID documents / specimens / exemplars from our principal membership - for questions related to such requests please contact the issuing authorities directly.