AAMVA DL/ID Card Design Standard (2020)

This document provides a standard for the design of driver licenses (DL) and identification (ID) cards issued by AAMVA member jurisdictions. The intent of the standard is to improve the security of the DL/ID cards issued by AAMVA’s members and to improve the level of interoperability among cards issued by all jurisdictions. AAMVA respects the fact that each jurisdiction’s laws and regulations determine its driver license issuance process and its associated card requirements. As a result, the intent of this document is to provide jurisdictions with guidance on the driver license/ID card design standards in order to provide a reliable source of identification and, at the same time, reduce a cardholder’s exposure to identity theft and fraud.

This standard was developed by AAMVA for the production and use of government-issued driving license / identification card documents (DL/IDs). Private institutions and other organizations may benefit from DL/ID uniformity established by this standard, but the functional requirements are primarily for the benefit of issuing authorities and law enforcement. This standard supersedes the UAAMVA DL/ID 2016 Standard. Requests for interpretation, suggestions for improvement, addenda, or defect reports are welcome.