• Driver's License Data Verification (DLDV) Service

  • Driver’s licenses, driving permits and ID cards issued by U.S. jurisdictions are regularly used as proof of identity; however, these documents can be counterfeit or altered. The Driver’s License Data Verification (DLDV) Service allows an organization that is presented with a license or ID card to verify that the data on the card matches the data held by the jurisdiction that issued the document.

    See the article “It’s a Match” in the August, 2013 issue of Move Magazine on DLDV.

    Benefit for DLDV Users
    The DLDV Service provides users with immediate verification of identification document data. DLDV users submit data on a license and the service returns a flag for each data element that indicates if the element matches the data on file with the issuing jurisdiction. Users interact with the service via a web-service call.

    Benefits for Jurisdictions that Issue the Cards
    The DLDV Service offers these benefits for participating jurisdictions: 

    • The participation in the fight against the fraudulent use of driver’s license
    • Fee-based revenues, which AAMVA shares with the jurisdictions

    It is easy for jurisdictions to join DLDV, as it was designed to:

    • Use a transaction which all jurisdictions have already implemented, consequently there is  hardly any additional implementation effort. 
    • Protect personally identifiable information by not releasing any of the jurisdiction’s data.

    See the DLDV Overview document on the documentation tab for more information.

    If you are interested in using the DLDV service, contact DLDVinfo@aamva.org.

    Documents for:


    DLDV Customers


    • Overview of DLDV for Jurisdictions
    • Technical Specifications - The technical specification for jurisdictions is included in the PDPS documentation of the Driver Status transaction. (See the Documentation tab on the PDPS page.)


    • Overview of DLDV for Customers
    • All customers must be approved for implementation by AAMVA and sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to receiving the DLDV User Guide and User Service and Interface Specification. Please contact DLDVinfo@aamva.org for information regarding the approval process.


    Partners (as of July 2021)

     DLDV Map - July 2021 (png)

    For information regarding the rate schedule for DLDV, please contact DLDVinfo@aamva.org.

    Private entities will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement with AAMVA prior to receiving. 

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