Identity Management Steering Committee

The Identity Management Steering Committee reports to the Board of Directors and provides recommendations, advice, and subject matter expertise for the implementation and operation of the DTS minimally viable product (MVP).

In August of 2021, AAMVA's Board of Directors approved implementation of a DTS MVP solution and the establishment of this steering committee to provide guidance and recommendations for its operation. The MVP is intended to be phase one of building a full scope DTS. During phase one, AAMVA and the committee will implement the MVP with a limited number of participants and will work on the structure and requirements of a full scale DTS, a central service that collects and distributes authentic and secure public keys from driver license issuing authorities used in the issuance of mobile driver licenses.

Members of the steering committee are drawn from the Board of Directors, the Joint Mobile Driver License Subcommittee, and member jurisdictions. The committee will remain in effect throughout the duration of the DTS or until another governance body is established. Specific objectives of the group include:

  • Providing recommendations to the Board of Directors for the scope of a digital trust service governance committee, policies, and assessment
  • Supporting staff during the project
  • Providing subject matter expertise
  • Reviewing documents and resources
  • Providing recommendations for requirements and deliverables

For more information about mobile driver licenses, please visit here.

For a list of members who are currently serving on the Identity Management Steering Committee, please visit the members-only directory.

For more information about the Identity Management Steering Committee and its activities, please contact the staff project manager below.

Staff Project Manager

Mike McCaskill

Director of Identity Programs