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  • AAMVA Committees & Working Groups

  • The key to any association’s viability is the involvement of its members. AAMVA’s members are engaged in program and policy development.

    AAMVA has three standing committees: Driver, Law Enforcement and Vehicle .The three committees meet both independently and in joint session. Each committee is structured to best meet the needs and address the issues of the program area and has members from nine AAMVA discipline areas.

    Subject matter experts in each of these discipline areas are represented in each of AAMVA's three standing committees:

    • Driver Licensing & Control
    • Fraud
    • ID Management
    • Information Technology
    • Law Enforcement
    • Legal Services
    • Motor Carrier Services
    • Public Affairs & Consumer Education
    • Vehicle Registration & Title 


    Cross-Committee Projects & Initiatives

    2020 Updates

    Driver Committee

    Law Enforcement Committee

    Vehicle Committee


    AAMVA is seeking three new jurisdiction member representatives for the Card Design Standard (CDS) Subcommittee.  Preference may be given to applicants from Region 4 and/or applicants with Law Enforcement experience. However, all interested applicants are encouraged to apply. The CDS subcommittee attempts to standardize the means, whether physical or electronic, to confidently identify a person and to confirm identity.  Applicants must have experience working with physical document security and card design. Preference may also be given to applicants with Mobile Driver Licenses (mDL) knowledge/experience. 

    Requirements, Application & Deadline

    • If you are interested in applying for this position, please review the Subcommittee Charter (linked below), complete the application and email it to committees@aamva.org.
    • Each application must be approved by the applicant’s supervisor AND the agency’s chief administrator. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
    • Application Deadline: Friday, March 5, 2021.
    • Download the CDS Subcommittee Charter.
    • Download the Application.

    If you have questions about the CDS Subcommittee or the Joint mDL Working Group, please contact Mindy Stephens. If you have general questions about AAMVA Committees, contact AAMVA Committees.

    AAMVA is seeking a Region 1 jurisdiction member representative for the National Driver Register Working Group.  This group assists the National Driver Register (NDR) in identifying and analyzing existing issues and problems affecting the effectiveness of the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS). The group also presents suggested changes to the NDR regulations and procedures, PDPS reporting requirements, and the AAMVA Code Dictionary (ACD) codes to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for review. 

    Requirements, Application & Deadline

    • Applicant must be a Region 1 jurisdiction member and should have National Driver Register experience relative to driver programs, law enforcement, policy and/or legal expertise.   
    • Each application must be approved by the applicant’s supervisor AND the agency’s chief administrator. 
    • Applications Deadline: Friday, January 15, 2021.
    • Download the application.

    If you have questions, please email AAMVA Committees or contact by phone at 703.522.4200.

    Currently, we do not have any vacancies on our standing committees. If you would like to serve on one of our committees, please complete the Committee Member Application Form. We will keep your application on file in case a vacancy occurs. If you have questions, please contact Lynn Dean via email at  committees@aamva.org, or phone (703) 522-4200.