Automated Vehicles Subcommittee

Automated Vehicle Subcommittee

The Automated Vehicle Subcommittee works with jurisdiction members, law enforcement, federal agencies, and other stakeholders to gather, organize, and share information with the AAMVA community related to the development, design, testing, use, and regulation of autonomous vehicles and other emerging vehicle technology. Based on the group’s research, a best practices guide has been developed to assist member jurisdictions in regulating automated vehicles and testing the drivers who operate them.


  • Provide awareness to the AAMVA community about the evolution of vehicles that can be operated with less human interaction than currently required
  • Provide guidance to jurisdictions on legislation permitting operation of vehicles equipped with automated driving systems (ADS)
  • Provide awareness of capabilities of technology as it emerges and guidance for jurisdictions to develop short and long range plans for such technology


The Automated Vehicles Subcommittee has developed the following resources:

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Staff Project Manager

Paul Steier

Director of Vehicle Programs