Cyber/Digital Fraud Working Group

The purpose of the Cyber/Digital Fraud Working Group is to collect information and educate key AAMVA staff and member volunteers on emerging cyber-fraud vulnerabilities as well as investigative tools and techniques to deter cyber fraud from occurring and effectively detecting it when it does occur so those responsible can be arrested and prosecuted. As the Working Group gains adequate knowledge, they will come to consensus on the best deliverable(s) to serve the AAMVA membership. These may include a document titled Best Practices for Preventing, Detecting, and Investigating Cyber/Digital Fraud, the framework for a Cyber/Digital Fraud pop-up classroom, and/or other deliverable(s) the group determines as representing the best path forward.

For a list of members who are currently serving on the Cyber/Digital Fraud Working Group, please visit the members-only directory

For more information about the group and its activities, listen to the podcast below, or contact the project manager. 

Staff Project Manager

Tom Foster

Manager of Law Enforcement Programs