• Commercial Skills Test Information Management System (CSTIMS)

  • The Commercial Skills Test Information Management System (CSTIMS) is an Internet-based tool that provides a consistent way to track the scheduling and entry of test results for commercial skills tests by jurisdiction and third-party examiners.

    CSTIMS enforces jurisdiction-defined rules to manage commercial driver's license (CDL) skills testing and alerts various parties when circumstances are encountered that may require investigation to determine if fraud has occurred. Additionally, CSTIMS produces reports that can be reviewed for patterns of potential fraud.

    CSTIMS Production & Training Site

    CSTIMS also offers three web services to help the jurisdictions optimize their experience with the application. 

    • Test Results Service (TRS)– This service allows a Jurisdiction to retrieve  test results for their applicants from CSTIMS using either a DLN or a date range. 
    • CSTIMS Tablet Web Service – This service is used by a State that utilizes tablets for administering the skills test. It allows the tablet to retrieve  existing skills test schedules from CSTIMS and submitting the test scores to CSTIMS thus avoiding the manual entry of test scores in CSTIMS.
    • CSTIMS Applicant Search Service (CASS) – This service allows CSTIMS to query for applicant data from the specific State’s host system. When the applicant is found and retrieved, the data then pre-populates the applicant record in CSTIMS providing data integrity and greatly reducing human error.

    If your jurisdiction is interested in learning more about any of these services, please contact cstims_support@aamva.org.

    To provide context on the intricacies of CSTIMS, AAMVA recommends that people new to CSTIMS begin by reviewing the following overview document before going through the other presentations which provide a much more detailed description of the CSTIMS functionality.

    Next Generation Application Documents

    CSTIMS Next Generation (NG) Training Materials are available within the application in the Help module.

    Enhanced and Legacy Application Documents

    CSTIMS Privacy Policy 

    CSTIMS Privacy Awareness Training

    *Before you begin:

    This training tutorial is in HTML5 format and runs in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. At the end of the tutorial you will be prompted to fill out and print an Adobe PDF training completion certificate. AAMVA recommends that all CSTIMS users take this Privacy Awareness Training before first logging into CSTIMS and subsequently on an annual basis. However, it is up to each Jurisdiction to include this resource as part of their third party agreements and/or training program to ensure timely communication, participation, and tracking. 

    1. You will need Adobe Reader DC to display this certificate. Before running this training tutorial, click this link, which will open a file that will determine whether your system has Reader installed.

    • If the file opens, your system has Adobe Reader. Click on the link to run the tutorial. 
    • If this file does not open, contact your network administrator to download Adobe Reader DV

    2. If you plan on printing the certificate, verify that your printer is connected and operational. (Contact your network administrator if needed.)

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