Commercial Skills Test Information Management System (CSTIMS)

The Commercial Skills Test Information Management System (CSTIMS) is an internet-based tool that provides jurisdictions and third-party examiners a consistent way to track the scheduling and entry of test results for commercial driving skills tests.

CSTIMS enforces jurisdiction-defined rules to manage commercial drivers license (CDL) skills testing. CSTIMS alerts authorized users when business rules have been violated and provides reports to detect patterns of potential fraud.

CSTIMS offers the following web services to help jurisdictions optimize their experience with the application:

  • Legacy CDL Service: This service allows a jurisdiction to retrieve test results for their applicants from CSTIMS using either a DLN or a date range.
  • Legacy CSTIMS Tablet Web Service: This service is used by a state that uses tablets for administering the skills test. It allows the tablet to retrieve existing skills test schedules from CSTIMS and to submit the test scores to CSTIMS to avoid manual entry.
  • CSTIMS Applicant Search Service (CASS): This service allows CSTIMS to query for applicant data from the specific state‚Äôs host system. When the applicant is found and retrieved, the data then pre-populates the applicant record in CSTIMS, thereby providing data integrity and greatly reducing human error.
  • Test Results Service 2.0 (TRS 2.0): This RESTful service is a combination and upgrade of the Legacy CDL Service and the Legacy CSTIMS Tablet Web Service which includes the ELDT status and the testing model for the Modernized Skills Testing model.

Please read the CSTIMS Privacy Policy before using CSTIMS. Also, before using the application, you must take and successfully complete the CSTIMS Privacy Awareness Training course.

See additional information and training on the CSTIMS Production and Training site.


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Program Leadership

The CSTIMS Subcommittee (formerly working group) is a group of volunteer state driver licensing authorities who use CSTIMS and provide guidance and recommendations related to the application and its use. For more information, please visit their page.

Scheduled Maintenance

For when scheduled maintenance on CSTIMS will occur, please visit here.

Education and Training

AAMVA offers informational webinars and training courses related to CSTIMS. Visit our search page to find a list of these CSTIMS events. Once on the page, please use the filters on the left side to access the desired "Event Type." For a comprehensive list of all systems trainings and learning opportunities, visit our Webinars and Training page


Fees are covered by a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) grant and are waived for CSTIMS users. If FMCSA changes this policy, AAMVA will notify states 12 months before it begins charging usage fees. 


CSTIMS legacy documentation is available below to jurisdiction and federal members only. 

file - 01/29/2022

CSTIMS ELDT Module Information

Provides information on CSTIMS next generation.

For questions or more information about CSTIMS, please contact CSTIMS.

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