Digital Image Access and Exchange (DIAE)

The Digital Image Access and Exchange (DIAE) program enables U.S. jurisdictions to exchange images of individuals during the process of issuing a license, permit, or an identification card and during the process of driver records duplicate resolution. The DIAE program leverages the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS) driver status request transaction to allow states to send and receive digital images. In addition to driver information, a jurisdiction participating in DIAE may request that the most recent facial image associated with the driver in question be returned. To be able to successfully exchange images, both requesting and receiving jurisdictions have to be DIAE participants.

DIAE is one of many examples of AAMVA working cooperatively with jurisdictions to design and develop solutions that meet jurisdictional needs while continuing to focus on front line staff and customer service and support.

DIAE provides these benefits:

  • Improved customer service and support
  • Enhanced public safety and security
  • Reduced incidences of driver license fraud
  • Assistance in resolving potential duplicate driver records
  • Support for REAL ID mandates


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All rates are effective through September 30 and are subject to change thereafter with 30-days prior written notice.

file - 12/23/2022

Products & Services Catalog: Private Rate Schedule

This catalog provides private rates for AAMVA's network services.

file - 10/13/2022

Products & Services Catalog: Government Rate Schedule

This catalog provides government rates for AAMVA's network services.


DIAE documentation is available below to jurisdiction and federal members only.

file - 09/20/2020

DIAE Specification 1.2.2

Provides the system specification for the DIAE application. 

file - 09/02/2020

DIAE Implementation Guide 1.2.2

Provides implementation information for the DIAE application. 

file - 06/01/2007

DIAE Web Services Specification 1.0.3

Provides the web services specification for the DIAE application. 

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