AAMVA's electronic SR22/26 application automates SR22 and SR26 filings. An insurance company transmits SR22 and SR26 records to a state driver licensing agency (SDLA) as a batch of files, usually in the evening. The SDLA then processes these electronic forms and responds as soon as the next morning as to whether it has accepted or rejected the filing status of each form.

Certain high risk problem drivers who are convicted of serious moving violations are required by state financial responsibility laws to file an SR22 form, which certifies proof of financial responsibility, with their state SDLA to prove they have insurance. Failure to provide such proof can result in license suspension. Drivers must ask their insurer to file the SR22 form with their state on their behalf by a specific date. This automated system avoids manual, paper form filing which can cause delays and processing errors.  

After a problem driver no longer needs to prove financial responsibility the driver can request their insurer to send an SR26 form to the SDLA to cancel the SR22. In general, the Uniform Vehicle Code (from which all state financial responsibility laws are derived) requires that the driver notify the SDLA at least 10 days prior to the termination of an SR22 filing. 


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SR22/26 Forms

AAMVA helped design universal SR22/26 paper forms but does not distribute the forms. Paper forms must be obtained from private vendors. For a list of insurance companies that may be of assistance, please visit our members-only directory


All rates are effective through September 30 and are subject to change thereafter with 30-days prior written notice.

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SR22/26 documentation is available below to jurisdiction and federal members only.

file - 08/01/2002

SR22/26 Specification 2.2.0

Provides the information for software application developers to create an implementation plan, determine system requirements, and construct a design framework implementing SR22/26.

For questions or more information about SR22/26, please contact Technology Systems.

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