• Digital Image Access and Exchange (DIAE)

  • The Digital Image Access and Exchange (DIAE) program enables U.S. jurisdictions to exchange images of individuals during the process of issuing a license, permit or an ID card and during the process of driver records duplicate resolution. The DIAE program leverages the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS) Driver Status Request transaction to allow states to send and receive digital images. In addition to the driver information, a jurisdiction participating in DIAE may request that the most recent facial image associated with the driver in question be returned. To be able to successfully exchange images, both requesting and receiving jurisdictions have to be DIAE participants. 

    By giving the front line staff the opportunity to visually verify drivers, the DIAE program supports Real ID Act mandates. In addition to this, the DIAE participants can take advantage of the benefits listed below: 

    • Improved customer service and support
    • Enhanced public safety and security
    • Reduced incidence of driver's license fraud
    • Assistance in resolving potential duplicates of the driver records


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