• SR 22/26

  • AAMVA's electronic SR 22/26 application automates SR22 and SR26 filings. An insurance company transmits SR22 and SR26 batch records to a jurisdiction, usually in the evening, and the jurisdiction responds as soon as the next morning as to whether the filing status is accepted or rejected.

    About SR22 and SR26 Forms

    Certain high risk or problem drivers who are convicted of serious moving violations are required by state financial responsibility (FR) laws to file an SR22 form (a certification of future proof of financial responsibility) with their state motor vehicle department to prove they have insurance. Failure to provide such proof results in license suspension. Drivers must ask their insurer to file the SR22 form with a state by a certain date. When done manually, this process can take days and may result in the driver's license being suspended if the SR22 form is filled out incorrectly or filed late.

    After future proof is no longer required for a driver, a SR26 form is sent to cancel the SR22. Although variations exist among states, the Uniform Vehicle Code (from which all state FR laws are derived) requires that a jurisdiction be notified at least 10 days prior to the termination of an SR22 filing.


    Looking for SR22/26 Forms?

    AAMVA helped design universal SR22/26 paper forms, but does not distribute the forms. Paper forms must be obtained from private vendors. For a list of insurance companies that may be of assistance, consult the AAMVA Associate Member directory.

    For other SR22/26 documentation not listed here, please contact AAMVA Support.


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