DL/ID Card Verification Program

AAMVA’s Driver License/Identification (DL/ID) Card Verification Program (formerly called the Courtesy Verification Program) is a service offered as a benefit to our members to determine if their driver's licenses and identification cards and other motor vehicle administration documents using machine-readable technologies conform to the applicable AAMVA standards and specifications. A primary objective of the program is improving the consistency of implementation across all jurisdictions choosing to follow the AAMVA DL/ID standard and specifications. Information gained from the testing of jurisdictions' DL/ID cards and other documents is used by jurisdictions to improve their issuance systems and by AAMVA to make improvements to the standards and specifications it publishes.

Just as compliance with the standards and specifications is voluntary, participation in the program is also voluntary. However, we strongly encourages our member jurisdictions to regularly take advantage of this program and particularly on three occasions:

  1. The introduction of a new configuration or design for the document. Many problems can be avoided if they are discovered before the actual issuance of documents begins.
  2. As part of its selection process when choosing a contractor.
  3. As regular, periodic retesting of documents at least annually. We have discovered that unintentional changes to the format and content of the documents actually being issued sometimes occur.

This program is made possible through arrangements with Intellicheck who performs conventional testing as a part of the program. To participate in this program, AAMVA jurisdiction members ship the documents to be assessed. To begin the process, please complete our submission form.

For questions or more information about DL/ID Card Verification Program, please contact Identity Programs.

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