Driver Licensing Systems

AAMVA's driver licensing systems facilitate the electronic exchange of driver licensing information, provide the ability to locate and share commercial and non-commercial driver records, track commercial driver license (CDL) skills testing, and detect fraud.

Nationwide electronic system that enables state driver licensing agencies to ensure that each commercial driver has only one valid driver license and one complete driver record

Web-based tool that provides a consistent means for tracking the scheduling and entry of test results for commercial skills tests by jurisdictions and third-party examiners

Program to develop image capture, recognition, and verification solutions that meet jurisdiction needs with the focus on front line staff and customer service

System used to search the National Driver Register, a repository of information on problem drivers provided by all U.S. states. Maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Web application designed to support the regulation which provides that a state that issued a commercial learner's permit to an individual must honor the commercial driver license skills test results from another state

Electronic application that automates SR22 and SR26 form filings to expedite and avoid delays in the communication of certification of future proof of financial responsibility to departments of motor vehicles

Service that allows a state to electronically verify with any other participating state whether an applicant holds a credential in any other state